Install on Ghost

How to install your Contact Button on a Carrd website

You can easily add your Contact Button to website built using without the need of a developer. Simply complete the following steps to enable one of your buttons.

Step 1

Log in to your Ghost dashboard.
Log in to your Ghost account and select the website you want to add your button to

Step 2

Go to the Code Injections
1. A link to your code injections page can be found in the sidebar under settings
2. Click </> Embed.
3. Make sure "Type" is set to Code.
4. Copy the code snipped from your button's setting page in the text box.
5. Set Style to Hidden and Body End.

Step 3

Add your Contact Button code snippet
1. Copy the code snippet from your button's setting page in the text box.
2. Scroll down to the Site Footer section on the Code Injection page and paste the code on its own line.

Step 4

Save your work
Make sure you save your changes in the dashboard

Step 5

Test the installation by refreshing your website.
Open a browser page to your website. If you already have it open, just refresh the page. 

If you don't see the button, please check this article on common reasons a button isn't showing up. 

"Troubleshooting: Button or Apps Not Displaying"

If you're still having issues, please contact us for further assistance.