Install on Weebly

How to install your Contact Button on a Weebly website.

You can easily add your Contact Button to website built using Weebly without the need of a developer. Simply complete the following steps to enable one of your buttons.

Step 1

Log in to your Weebly dashboard.
Log in to your Weebly account and go to the Edit screen of the site you'd like to add a Contact Button to.

Step 2

Go to the Settings Page
1. A link to the Settings page can be found in the dashboard menu
2. Once you have the Settings page open, click SEO menu link.

Step 3

Add your Contact Button code snippet
1. Open your Contact Button dashboard and go to the Test & Install tab on your settings page.
2. Copy the code snippet from your button's setting page.
3. Paste your code into the Weebly text box called "Footer Code"

Step 4

Save & Publish Your changes
Make sure you scroll back up and save your changes in the Webflow dashboard

Step 5

Test the installation by refreshing your website.
Open a browser page to your website. If you already have it open, just refresh the page. 

If you don't see the button, please check this article on common reasons a button isn't showing up. 

"Troubleshooting: Button or Apps Not Displaying"

If you're still having issues, please contact us for further assistance.